Practice your Kundaliniyoga with me from wherever you are, by using zoom in Live-online video conference from your computer or smart phone
Yoga live-online makes it possible for you to practice yoga undependent on where you live or are at the moment, it makes it possible to keep up your yoga undependent of if you are traveling in your work, if you are far from a yoga studio, if you don`t feel like being in a group, donĀ“t have baby sitter, you save both gas and time etc – and not to forgett how fantastic it is to do yoga together with people from all over the world. Do yoga with your friends that lives far from you – the possibilities is huge for a nice yoga practice.

Zoom is the program used for Yoga Live-online. If you prefer using a smart phone, you download a free app. If you prefer to use computer, you can join either by klicking the webblink enclosed in your booking confirmation, or install the program in your computer – both are free.

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