International Certified KundaliniYogaTeacher, as tought by Yogi Bahjan

Swedish Terapeutic Breathwalk Instructor

Sat Nam. My name is Anna-Carin Åström – Puran Soorya Kaur.

I am swedish, having my home and base in the middle of Sweden on the east coast. Spring 2019 I am spending in the south of Spain. I will be teaching Kundaliniyoga Live-online, and in group at the Ananda-Laie Yoga & retreatcenter in Mijas Cala.

2007 i had my first irregular heartbeats due to stress, than the down spiral went on until fall 2013 when I could not go on anymore, I was severely burnt out in fatique syndrom.

My hairdresser and friend told me about a fantastic yoga called Kundaliniyoga that she had tried and advised me to do the same, and I did – that advise has given me a new life, a new me – towards my original capacity – and I keep working on it every day with yoga and meditation.

As I myself have felt what the techniques of Kundaliniyoga can do for a person, I want to teach and share it to those who want to practise.

Live-onlineyoga is very close to my heart as this makes it possible to practise yoga undependent on where a person lives or are at the moment, working trips, at friends and family, on holiday and so on. With Live-online you can do yoga together with people from all around the world using Internet and your phone or computer – and that I think – is wonderful.